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Containerized Water Treatment Systems


The RODI Systems Reverse Osmosis Water Purification Unit (ROWPU) is a durable, cost-effective water purification system housed inside a military quadcon shipping container.  It is capable of producing 5,000 gallons per day of pure water and it incorporates a number of water treatment steps including reverse osmosis.  The ROWPU is capable of treating virtually any naturally occurring water source including desalination of seawater.  The PureBoxTM ROWPU is easy to ship, easy to install, and easy to operate with minimum training.  It is well-suited for a number of applications including:

  • Emergency Relief
  • Small Communities
  • Remote Work Camps
  • Military Facilities
  • Hotels and Resorts

Various options are available including an integral diesel generator, climate control, disinfection, and remote monitoring.  Learn more ...

Basic system only US$39,900 EXW Aztec, NM, USA.

PureBoxTM Product Line

RODI Systems' PureBoxTM water treatment systems are complete water treatment, desalination, and waste treatment systems built inside intermodal shipping containers.  These systems are built and tested in RODI's New Mexico facility and shipped worldwide to customers requiring cost-effective, dependable water treatment technology.  Using containerized systems has a number of advantages including lower capital cost, speed of delivery, minimum of site preparation, and lower on-site construction costs.


The PureBoxTM DLX desalination systems are our high quality, full featured seawater desalination systems designed for long life and low cost of ownership.

These systems can produce fresh water for human consumption, irrigation, or industrial use using a minimum amount of energy.

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Waste Treatment

The PureBoxTM CMBR systems are containerized membrane bioreactors capable of treating domestic waste (sewage).

The CMBR units produce a high quality effluent suitable for reuse in irrigation, dust control, industrial process water, and other applications.

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Water Purification

The PureBoxTM FX water purification systems are designed for purify naturally occurring fresh water sources that do not require membrane treatment.

The FX systems comprise filtration and disinfection technologies that are cost-effective for less demanding applications.

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PureBoxTM FX Water Purification System ... More Info

The PureBoxTM FX water purification system is designed to produce pure water from fresh water sources that do not require dissolved solids reduction by reverse osmosis.   The FX system provide 15,000 to 300,000 gallons per day from a single intermodal container. The FX systems incorporate the following treatment technologies:

Inlet Screen - A backwashable inlet screen removes large debris which might plug valve ports or otherwise have a detrimental effect on the treatment system.

Media Filter - The media filter consists of a fiberglass composite pressure vessel containing TurbidexTM high performance filter media.  TurbidexTM granules consist of a high surface area alumino-silicate mineral that provides exceptional suspended solids filtration. The macro porous nature of TurbidexTM allows for filtration at levels approaching five microns in particle size.

Carbon Filter - The media filter is followed by a carbon filter utilizing catalytic carbon which is highly efficient in removing hydrogen sulfide, iron, chloramines, volatile organic compounds (VOCs), trace organics, tastes, and odors.

Hypochlorite Injection - This component of the system includes a chemical injection pump and day tank for the injection of sodium hypochlorite (bleach).  This final treatment step insures that the treated water remains safe from bacterial contamination.  The injection pump is controlled by an electronic flow sensor.

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PureBoxTM DLX Containerized Desalination Systems

PureBoxTM CMBR Containerized Wastewater Treatment Systems

  • CMBR Brochure (Download)
  • Information on CMBR Operation and Maintenance (2500 and 500 GPD) (Download)

Other PureBoxTM Systems

 PureBoxTM is a trademark of RODI Systems Corp.   TurbidexTM is a trademark of Hydro-Source Systems LLC

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Since 1995, RODI Systems has specialized in the design, fabrication, and commissioning of portable (containerized and trailer-mounted) water treatment systems. Our product line includes desalination, water purfication, and wastewater treatment systems. We are proficient in membrane technology including reverse osmosis, ultrafiltration, and membrane bioreactors.

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